Going Knee To Knee (Confessions, Tales & Tribulations From Inside The FBI’s Polygraph Program) …was written as a tribute to one of the FBI’s finest programs and the men and women who serve within it.

Primarily a collection of stories based on actual events, the author introduces a character, Special Agent Cy Donovan, who untangles a web of deceit through “knee to knee” interview and interrogation tactics commonly practiced throughout the world of polygraph. The author places the reader in the room as a witness to the dialogue between the subject and the accuser he sits across from. As the shrewd perpetrator attempts to spin a tale of deception, Cy Donovan works his themes in an effort to bring the liar through the gates of salvation by revealing the truth in each confrontation.

The book concludes as Donovan provides an educational discourse to a class of prospective FBI special agents with some “Straight Talk About Liars” as well as some insight into the recent history and current course of the Bureau’s polygraph program.